Where I Live

I live in Ilkeston, a small town 9 miles west of Nottingham but situated in Derbyshire. The town is served by the Sutton Coldfield, Waltham and Kimberley (the Nottingham relay) transmitters. The strongest signals at my location come from Sutton Coldfield and up until recently this was my prime source of terrestrial tv. However this only gave me the West Midland regional opt outs. To address this I have installed a high gain aerial in the loft (see below) for Waltham which works very well. Although the Sutton Coldfield aerial is still there it is no longer used. In fact I can receive good signals from Sutton Coldfield on the Waltham aerial as well so I have the best of both worlds. 

My Aerial System

I have an Antiference aerial mounted on the house pointing towards Sutton Coldfield. It has a mast head booster providing a good digital signal from the West Midlands. I have a Band III DAB aerial in the loft which works very well indeed and provides me with a number of radio multiplexes. The DAB signal is now combined with the UHF one through an Antiference amplifier/ distributor and so the radio can now be used throughout the house.

The Old Sutton Coldfield Aerial - Outside 

The Waltham Loft Aerial that provides the terrestrial signal for the Freeview TVs in the house 

The DAB Radio Aerial in the loft.  

The loft Distribution Amplifier. This is for TV and DAB Radio signals. 

My Satellite System

I have a 100cm dish at the bottom of the garden  that I use to receive digital signals from Astra 19. There is Sky + digital mini dish on the rear of the house. This has a 8 output LNB that now receives Freesat signals from Astra 28 East. 

The Sky Dish 

The 1 metre dish at the bottom of the garden pointing towards Astra 19 East. 

My receivers

My main source of TV signals is currently via a Virgin Media Cable Box in the Lounge. In addition to that I have Freeview receivers or boxes in all the bedrooms and study.

 I also receive French TV Channels using a Humax TNT Receiver which includes a card to decode the transmissions. This is also fed from the large 100cm dish at the bottom of the garden.

My TV Sets 

The main TV in the lounge is a Bush 50 inch Full Had (1080p)

Picture to follow