TNT SAT is a selection of French Channels delivered by satellite from Canal + via the Astra Satellite at 19.2 East and has been available since June 2007. The selection of channels is almost identical to the French Terrestrial Freeview service. A viewing card is required for all these services.

latest news

HD1 and 6ter HD launched on Tuesday January 13th on TNTSAT Channels 20 and 22

1TF1 HDHDFrench, English
2France 2 HDHDFrench, English
3France 3SDFrenchChoice of Regional stall
4Canal + HDHDFrench, English
5France 5SDFrench
6M6 HDHDFrench, English
7Arte HDHDFrench, English, German
8D8SDFrench, English
9W9SDFrench, English
10TMCSDFrench, English
11NT1SDFrench, English
12NRJ 12SDFrench
13LCP / Public SenateSDFrench
14France 4SDFrench, English
15BFM TVSDFrench
17D17SDFrench, English
19France ÔSDFrench
20HD1 HDHDFrench, EnglishLaunched on TNT SAT 13 1 15
21Team 21SDFrench
226terHDFrench, EnglishLaunched on TNT SAT 13 1 15
23Issue 23SDFrench, English
24RMC DiscoverySDFrench, English
25Chérie 25HDFrench, English
26Canal + Film HDSDFrench, English
27Canal + Sport HDHDFrench, English
28Canal + Family HDSDFrench, English
29Canal + HD DécaléHDFrench, English
30Canal + HD SeriesSDFrench, English
31Paris PremiereSDFrench, English
32Canal + SportSDFrench, EnglishSD version of Canal + Sport HD
33Canal Ready dealsSD-Subscription advertising Canal
40France 24SDFrenchInternational news channel
41EuronewsSDFrench, Persian, Turkish, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, English, GermanInternational news channel
51TF1SDFrench, EnglishTF1 HD Version SD
52France 2SDFrench, EnglishSD version of France 2 HD
56M6SDFrench, EnglishM6 HD Version SD
57ArteSDFrench, English, GermanSD version of Arte HD
300France 3SDFrench
301France 3 AlpesSDFrenchRegional broadcasts
302France 3 AlsaceSDFrenchRegional broadcasts
303France 3 AquitaineSDFrenchRegional broadcasts
304France 3 AuvergneSDFrenchRegional broadcasts
305France 3 Basse NormandieSDFrenchRegional broadcasts
306France 3 BourgogneSDFrenchRegional broadcasts
307France 3 BretagneSDFrenchRegional broadcasts
308France 3 CentreSDFrenchRegional broadcasts
309France 3 Champagne-ArdenneSDFrenchRegional broadcasts
310France 3 Corse Via StellaSDFrenchRegional broadcasts
311France 3 Côte d'AzurSDFrenchRegional broadcasts
312France 3 Franche-ComtéSDFrenchRegional broadcasts
313France 3 Haute NormandieSDFrenchRegional broadcasts
3143 France Languedoc-RoussillonSDFrenchRegional broadcasts
315France 3 LimousinSDFrenchRegional broadcasts
316France 3 LorraineSDFrenchRegional broadcasts
317France 3 SudSDFrenchRegional broadcasts
318France 3 Nord-Pas-de-CalaisSDFrenchRegional broadcasts
319France 3 Paris Ile-de-FranceSDFrenchRegional broadcasts
3203 France Pays de la LoireSDFrenchRegional broadcasts
321France 3 PicardieSDFrenchRegional broadcasts
322France 3 Poitou-CharentesSDFrenchRegional broadcasts
323France 3 Provence-AlpesSDFrenchRegional broadcasts
324France 3 Rhône-AlpesSDFrench


List of German SD and HD channels available TNTSAT bouquet on the Astra satellite 19 2 East:

1000Das ErsteSDGerman
1001Bayerisches FS SüdSDGerman
1003Bayerisches FS NordSDGerman
1004WDR_Fernsehen | WDR KölnSDGerman
1005SWR Fernsehen BWSDGerman
1016Comedy Central / VIVASDGerman
1018ProSieben SchweizSDGerman
1019ProSieben AutriaSDGerman
1020Kabel Eins SchweizSDGerman
1021Kabel Eins AustriaSDGerman
1022A Sat.1SDGermanRegional broadcasts
1023Sat.1 CHSDGermanRegional broadcasts
1024Sat.1 HH / SHSDGermanRegional broadcasts
1025Sat.1 NS / BremenSDGermanRegional broadcasts
1026Sat.1 RhIPf / HessenSDGermanRegional broadcasts
1027N24 AustriaSDGerman
1028Beauty TVSDGerman
1029Comedy Central / AT VIVASDGerman
1030Nickelodeon ATSDGerman
1031Deluxe MusicSDGerman
1032BB-MV Lokal-TVSDGerman
1033Hope TV deutschSDGerman
1034DMAX AustriaSDGerman
1041JML ShopSDGerman
1044Channel 21SDGerman
1045GOD ChannelSDGerman
1046MediaShop-Meine EinkaufsweltSDGerman
1047RTL AustriaSDGerman
1048VOX AustriaSDGerman
1049RTL II AustriaSDGerman
1050A Super RTLSDGerman
1051Eurosport DeutschlandSDGerman
1052HSE24 ExtraSDGerman
1053VOX CHSDGerman
1054RTL CHSDGerman
1116Fernsehen SFSDGerman
1118LCPSDFrench, English
1119ArteSDFrench, English
1135WDR BiefeldSDGermanRegional broadcasts
1136WDR DortmundSDGermanRegional broadcasts
1137WDR DüsseldorfSDGermanRegional broadcasts
1138WDR EssenSDGermanRegional broadcasts
1139WDR MünsterSDGermanRegional broadcasts
1140WDR SiegenSDGermanRegional broadcasts
1141HD WDR KölnSDGermanRegional broadcasts
1142WDR HD BielefeldSDGermanRegional broadcasts
1143WDR HD DortmundSDGermanRegional broadcasts
1144WDR HD DüsseldorfSDGermanRegional broadcasts
1145HD WDR EssenSDGermanRegional broadcasts
1146WDR HD MünsterSDGermanRegional broadcasts
1147HD WDR SiegenSDGermanRegional broadcasts
1148Radio Bremen TVSDGerman
1149WDR Test ASDGerman
1151EWTN KathoolischesSDGerman
1152QVC Beauty & StyleSDGerman
1161Anixie SDSDGerman
1164Disney ChannelSDGerman
1167Canaplay ServicesSD-
1167Canal Ready dealsSD-Subscription advertising Canal


List of French radios in a bouquet TNTSAT on the Astra satellite 19 2 East

100France Culture
101France Music
103France Info
104France Inter
105France Bleu 107.1
106The Mov '
107Monte Carlo Doualiya
108Radio France Internationale
110Europe 1
111Virgin Radio France
115Fun Radio
117NRJ France
118Cherie FM
119Rire & Chansons
120Nostalgia legend
121RMC Info
122BFM Business
123Sud Radio
124TSF Jazz
125Nova Radio
128Contact FM
130Jazz Radio
132Radio Classique
134Yes FM
135FM Ado
137Radio Notre Dame
138Radio Alfa
140Beur FM
143BBC World Service English
144BBC World Service Arabic
146Courtesy Radio

List of German radio stations available on the bouquet TNTSAT Astra 19 ° East 2:

1013Dradio Dokumente und Debatten
1015DRadio Wissen
1035Rock Antenne
1036ERF More
1037ERF Pop
1038Life Channel CH
1039Sunshine Live
1040Antenne Bayern
1055Bayern 1
1056Bayern 2
1057Bayern 3
1058BR Klassik
1059B5 Aktuell
1060Bayern More
1062B5 More
1067You FM
1069MDR1 Sachsen
1070MDR Sachsen-Anhalt
1071MDR Thüringen
1072MDR Figao
1073MDR Jump
1074MDR Sputnik
1075MDR Info
1076MDR Klassik
1077NDR 2
1078NDR Kultur
1079NDR Info
1081NDR 90,3
1082NDR 1 Welle Nord
1083NDR 1 Radio MV
1084NDR 1 Niedersachsen
1085NDR Info Spezial
1086NDR Blue
1087Bremen Eins
1089Bremen Vier
1092Brandenburg antenna
1093Berlin Radio 88.8
1094Radio Eins
1096SR 1 Europawelle
1097SR 2 Kulturradio
1098SR 3 Saarlandwelle
1099SWR1 Baden-Württemberg
1100SWR1 Rheinland-Pfalz
1103SWR4 Rheinland-Pfalz
1104SWR4 Rheinland-Pfalz
1106SWR Info
1108WDR 2
1109WDR 3
1110WDR 4
1111WDR 5
1112WDR Europa FunHaus
11131LIVE diggi
1114WDR Kiraka
1115WDR Event
1155Ego FM
1156Klassik Radio
1157Hope Channel Radio
1158Jam FM


tnt digital terrestrial tv

Digital Terrestrial Television  (DTT) in France operates the standards DVB-T , MPEG-2 for the resolution of standard screen or "SD" and H.264 (also known as MPEG-4 AVC) for the "  high definition  "(HDTV ). 

In total in 2013 , there were sixty channels of all genres including 25 national channels and forty local channels do not require any subscription. Additionally, 11  pay-national channels are allowed to broadcast in standard definition (SD) on the French DTT network since March 2006 . 

No.ChainAccessGroupAvailable fromMultiplexFormat 
definition image
1TF1FreeTF131 March 2005R6 - SMR6576i 16/9MPEG-2
2France 2France TélévisionsR1 - SGR1576i 16/9MPEG-2
3France 3R1 - SGR1576i 16/9MPEG-2
4Canal +Pay with clear beachesCanal + GroupR3 - CNH1080i 16/9(encrypted)

576i 16/9 (clear)

MPEG-4 (encrypted)
MPEG-2 (light)
5France 5FreeFrance TélévisionsR1 - SGR1576i 16/9MPEG-2
6M6M6 GroupR4 - Multi 4576i 16/9MPEG-2
7ArteArte GroupR6 - SMR6576i 16/9MPEG-2
8D8Canal + GroupOctober 2012R2 - NTN576i 16/9MPEG-2
9W9M6 GroupMarch 31, 2005R4 - Multi 4576i 16/9MPEG-2
10TMCTF1 Principality of Monaco
R6 - SMR6576i 16/9 or 4/3MPEG-2
11NT1TF1R4 - Multi 4576i 16/9 or 4/3MPEG-2
12NRJ 12NRJ GroupR6 - SMR6576i 16/9MPEG-2
13CPACFrench ParliamentR1 - SGR1576i 16/9MPEG-2
14France 4France TélévisionsR2 - NTN576i 16/9MPEG-2
15BFM TVNextRadioTV28 November 2005R2 - NTN576i 16/9MPEG-2
16I> TéléCanal + Group14 October 2005R2 - NTN576i 16/9MPEG-2
17D17October 7, 2012R2 - NTN576i 16/9MPEG-2
18GulliLagardère Active18 November 2005R2 - NTN576i 16/9MPEG-2
19France ÔFrance Télévisions14 July 2010R1 - SGR1576i 16/9MPEG-2
20HD1TF112 December 2012 4R7 - MHD71080i 16/9 or 4/3MPEG-4
21Team 21Amaury GroupR7 - MHD71080i 16/9MPEG-4
226terM6 GroupR81080i 16/9MPEG-4
23Issue 23Diversity TV France SAR81080i 16/9MPEG-4
24RMC DiscoveryNextRadioTVR81080i 16/9MPEG-4
25Chérie 25NRJ GroupR7 - MHD71080i 16/9MPEG-4
41Paris PremierePay with clear beachesM6 Group21 November 2005R4 - Multi 4576i 16/9MPEG-4 (encrypted)
MPEG-2 (light)
42Canal + SportCanal + GroupR3 - CNH576i 16/9MPEG-4 (encrypted)
MPEG-4 (clear)
43Canal + FilmChargedR3 - CNH576i 16/9MPEG-4
45Planète +R3 - CNH576i 16/9MPEG-4
48LCITF1R6 - SMR6576i 16/9MPEG-4
49EurosportTF1 Discovery Communications
R6 - SMR6576i 16/9MPEG-4
51TF1 HDFreeTF130 October 2008R5 - MR51080i 16/9MPEG-4
52France 2 HDFrance TélévisionsR5 - MR51080i 16/9MPEG-4
56M6 HDM6 GroupR5 - MR51080i 16/9MPEG-4
57Arte HDArte GroupR4 - Multi 41080i 16/9MPEG-4

EPG No.ChannelArea
31TL7City of Saint-Etienne
31TLPAlpes-de-Haute-Provence, south ofVaucluse
37TV ToursIndre-et-LoireLoir-et-Cher
31TV8 Mont-BlancSavoieHaute-Savoie
31Voo TVCity of Dijon
31Vosges TélévisionDepartment of Vosges
33LMTVDepartment of Sarthe
33Mirabelle TVMeurthe-et-MoselleMeuseMoselle
33TV SUD (Camargue-Cévennes)City of Nîmes
23Territorial TVMarneHaute-MarneMeuse
33TébéSudDepartment of Morbihan


Regional channels on multiplex L8

EPG No.ChannelArea
20Bip TVCity of Issoudun
20Canal 32Department of Aube
31Demain IDF / BDM TV / Cinaps TV / Télé Bocal (time-shared)Region of Île-de-France
32IDF1Region of Île-de-France
33France 24Region of Île-de-France
34BFM BusinessRegion of Île-de-France
23Canal CholetDepartment of Vendée
24TV VendéeDepartment of Vendée
25Canal 15Department of Vendée